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Flourishing Ideas

Flowers are important in our daily lives. They give more enjoyment and freshness to every occasion, event, and other celebration. Flower bouquets always make the room magnificent and beautiful. Follow these simple care tips to make your cut flowers last longer for a more colourful and vibrant room every day.

Guide and Care Tips to Flowers:

Cut the Stems

As the flowers arrive at your home, please cut the end part of the stem in an angle. Make sure to cut the stems with a sharp knife in an inch or two from the bottom. This gives the stem a better water absorption. After the initial cut, be sure to re-trim once every few days to expose fresh tissue that will help in maintaining your flowers’ freshness. Be devoted to cutting your stem.

Remove the Dead Parts

Check your flowers daily. Look for dead stems or leaves and remove them gently. This will prevent bacterial growth from those rotten stems and leaves. You can remove the brown or dead leaves, stem and flower petals as soon as you see them on your flowers. Please remove the leaves and petals that fall into your vase as well. As much as possible, there should not be any leaves that touch the water. They can cause faster drying and killing of your cut flowers. Following this tip will help for better water absorption and will refrain from a smelly odour.

Replenish Water Frequently

Flowers need to be watered daily. Change the water in your vase regularly to avoid bacterial growth from underneath. Don’t forget to pour water from the top of the flowers for their refreshment. Keep your water in your vase fresh and enough to nurture your flowers. Make sure to do this tip each day to help your flowers stay fresh longer.

Use Flower Foods

If you are busy and won’t be able to change the water on your vase regularly, don’t worry, flower food is already here to help you in that area. These food packets contain bactericide that keeps the water fresh and the flowers to last longer. But, take note that some flowers actually do not like flower food such as sunflowers, so please check the internet first before using it.

Use Sharp Knife to Cut

Take an inch or two in cutting off your stem at an angle with water. This will help in maintaining the freshness of your flowers where you can expose new tissue for better water absorption. Also, avoid cutting the stems with a dull object as this can damage the tissue. Most importantly, use a sharp knife, cutter, or a pair of scissors at all times when cutting the stem or leaves of the flowers.

Keep Away from Sunlight

Cut flowers will be handled differently from potted ones. Flowers live longer in a cool area opposed to sunlight. Avoid putting your flowers near windows or any electrical appliances as this may cause dehydration of your flowers. Also avoid placing them near the kitchen or chimney. Always see to it that your flowers are displayed in a cool, draft-free place.

Keep Away from Toxic Environment

Flowers are the same as humans. They are very sensitive to a toxic environment. Keep your flowers away from smoke and pesticides because it will surely harm them. Just keep in mind that you need to treat these flowers the same as would treat your child to keep their freshness last longer. Keep away your flowers from toxic fumes and radiations. A polluted environment will decrease the freshness of your flowers.